What To Expect The First Trimester Pregnancy

  In the first trimester, pregnancy is often one of the most confusing times.  During these first three months or 12 weeks, much of the time you may not realize that you are pregnant.Once you find out, usually after the first missed period, you may be left wondering what is happening to your doctor.  The changes during this part of the pregnancy are often emotional as well as hormonal, which makes for a wide range of symptoms to be seen.  Learning about these early pregnancy symptoms and how to handle them can help you to prepare for what is to come.

Early pregnancy symptoms will be your first indication that you are pregnant.  This may include slight bleeding after fertilization, tender and swollen breasts, increased fatigue and discharge.  Early symptoms of pregnancy are the body’s way of adjusting to hormonal changes in your body.  Once the body realizes that it is pregnant, long before you will, it begins to make adjustments to the body to help take care of the developing embryo.  Hormones are used to make those changes happen.  As the body secretes new hormones or changes the levels of other hormones, you will feel it during these first few weeks.

One of the largest changes that most women face during pregnancy is morning sickness.  While it is labeled morning sickness, it is important to know that it can happen at any time during your pregnancy, including all day long.  For many women, the feeling is nothing more than feeling nausea.  For others, it is the feeling of having the flu including aches and chills.  Not all women experience morning sickness.  In fact, many do not.  What is important to know is that this is a normal body reaction to the hormones and changes in your body and as a part of the first trimester of pregnancy, they usually subside after that amount of time.

What To Expect The First Trimester PregnancyMany women will want to take an early pregnancy test to find out if they are in fact pregnant. You can do so with good accuracy when you purchase a quality testing product.  These tests deduct hormones within your blood stream, which area also found in your urine.  The test is very quick and simple and often gives an accurate answer to you question of am I pregnant.  If you have early symptoms of pregnancy, these tests are a good first stop for an answer before calling your doctor for a thorough exam.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the body will react in a number of ways.  You may find yourself temperamental and tired a lot.  You may find yourself overwhelmed with happiness one minute, but the next minute you may be worried about the problems that could happen.  The emotional roller coaster is one that many women go down during these first few weeks.  It can even be considered one of many early pregnancy symptoms.

Weight gain during pregnancy will change throughout.  During the first trimester pregnancy weight gain is very little, especially at first.  In fact, for many women, they will lose some weight during the first months due to a lack of interest in food and to morning sickness.

With the first trimester pregnancy is often a different for each woman.  The emotional and physical changes can vary from one person to the next.  Most importantly, during these first few months, you should take the time to talk to your doctor and have your first exam.  The first signs of pregnancy may be faint but by the end of this trimester, you’ll see incredibly changes already in your body and lifestyle.

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