Pregnancy Symptoms: Other Ways To Determine That You Are Pregnant

Many women have menstrual cycles that are not as predictable and pregnancy calculators can often be misleading in these cases. The good news is that there are several other ways for you to determine if you are pregnant just from the way that your body responds to various factors that happen during the early months of pregnancy.

For those trying to become pregnant, knowing these signs will help you to find out if it has happened. Several of these symptoms happen within the first two to three weeks of conception, meaning that you would know you were pregnant long before you have missed your first period. Such things include the following.

  • Fatigue that is not common with your day-to-day lifestyle may be a sign. For example, if you are getting the same amount of rest you normally do, and you are not doing anything different during the day but remain tired, this could be a sign that you are pregnant .
  • Pregnancy Symptoms: Other Ways To Determine That You Are PregnantSpotting or slight bleeding with or without cramping could also be a sign that you are pregnant, if it happens before your period is supposed to occur. Usually, it will be light, but brighter in color. Cramping which feels somewhat like that of a menstrual period could also be experienced.
  • Moodiness is also one of the first signs of pregnancy. As your body adjusts to the new influx of hormones, your mood will alter quickly and easily. You may feel like you are happy one moment and feel like you are losing control the next. In most cases, this is not extreme, but enough to be considered unique from what is normal for you.
  • ¬†Morning sickness is something some women begin experiencing during the first few weeks of pregnancy, although it is likely to happen after a month or so after conception. Morning sickness happens to many women, but always in a unique way. You may feel nauseas, or vomit, at various times of the day.




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