What To Expect During Your Second Pregnancy?

Your second pregnancy is likely to be just as enjoyable as your first pregnancy.  Each woman is different in the way that her body handles pregnancy.  For example, you may become frustrated to learn that your sister only gained 20 pounds during pregnancy although you gained 30.

But, just as each person is different from the next person, so is each pregnancy.  A second pregnancy may be nothing like the first.  It could be quite the same too.  How do you know what to expect during your second pregnancy then?

For those that have had a high risk first pregnancy, it is likely that your doctor will require that you take many of the same precautions that were taken during your first pregnancy.  There may be the same risks in place.  Nevertheless, your doctor will treat every pregnancy as its own occurrence, monitoring for problems the same as the doctor monitored for problems during your first pregnancy.  A healthy pregnancy is not out of the question.

How Will You Feel?

You may be wondering if your second pregnancy will be easier than the first.  Perhaps there is no way to know if you will have the same feelings, but one thing is for sure.  You will understand your body better and be able to spot the changes during pregnancy.  In your first pregnancy, you may have been unaware or even caught off guard from changes you experienced because you had not gone through the process before.  But, this time around, you may find yourself in a better position.  You know what to expect during pregnancy.  You may be able to know what’s coming before it happens!

Preparing For Your Second Birth

As your body and baby develop and move through the process of pregnancy, you may notice a better sense of what is happening which may give you more feeling of control through the process.  While that is happening, you may also feel as if you are less likely to need to take care of yourself this time around.  Many women are adamant about health during their first pregnancy.  Yet, to have a healthy pregnancy the second time around, you need all the same attention.

Here are some things you can do during pregnancy for health.

What To Expect During Your Second Pregnancy?Monitor pregnancy weight gain.  Gaining too much or too little is unhealthy for both you and baby.  Talk to your doctor about the amount of weight gain you should expect with this pregnancy.  It may be easier to gain more weight this time around.

Get enough exercise during pregnancy.  You should count on having to spend some time working out to maintain your health and weight.  For some women, losing weight the second time around will be more difficult to do.  Therefore, exercise through pregnancy as your doctor recommends.

Get a healthy diet during pregnancy.  Your baby needs all the same nutrients as the first one did.  Therefore, you will need to tailor your diet to a healthy one.  Incorporate good foods, lots of vegetables and reduce the amount of fat you take in.

Finally, monitor health.  If you need to get in a nap, do so.  Know what your signs of fatigue are and be sure to tailor your day to them.

For a healthy second pregnancy, you do need to pay attention to the way that your body is developing.  Follow your doctor’s advice and be sure that you take all the precautions during pregnancy you took the first time around.  With more experience with pregnancy, you will feel more confident going forward.  Nevertheless, it is important to prepare for the pregnancy just the same.

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